Ality – the easiest, fastest and safest way to manage a business

Ality is the most efficient and secure way to manage the activity of employees and is the simplest alternative that allows the employer to monitor their activity using a variety of features.

The system was created and designed by Wolf Digital Media, out of our need for internal management in a pandemic context, which was a time of change for us and companies everywhere.

Being a young team, we have tried to look at this difficult time as a challenge to become better and more efficient. We adapted our activity, identifying the difficulties in the management of employees in remote system, for which we also came up with the solution: Ality.

Thus, with the help of Ality we facilitated the following:

  • training the teams for each project in real time, following their progress, as well as the hours
  • worked by each one within the project, the problems identified / solved by each one;
  • offering a preferential communication channel for each project, chat / voice call / video call,
  • encrypted end to end, between team members;
  • timekeeping of employees in remote or office system;
  • management of holidays;
  • budgeting and project planning;
  • complex reports at company / project / employee level;
  • simple check In / check Out or with 2FA (2 factor authentication) (the employee having to scan the
  • QR phone generated by the web application to validate the Check In);
  • geolocation for employees working in the field;
  • bluetooth proximity – the mode that allows notifying employees when they move away from their work area or from their laptop;
  • adding the project (with start date and deadline);
  • adding tasks within the project and allocating them to the employee level;
  • convening meetings (physical / virtual), notified in real time in the application;
  • defining rights for users (admin, team-leader, depending on the hierarchy);
  • adding employees by validating unique code or scanning QR code generated by the employee’s application;
  • plus other new features we are currently working on.

Therefore, we can say that through Ality we manage to stand out on the competitive market, thanks to the integrated system, very easy to manage, whose multiple key functionalities are differentiated by the efficient possibilities of interconnection with management and colleagues.

The application is available for download on Google Play and the App Store and involves registering an account, which is done using an email address and a password, which you set personally.
More about the app can be found here: