MEET THE TEAM: Andrei Lucan – Digital Marketing Specialist

Hello everyone! It’s time to introduce you to the person behind all our communication materials and more. I’m Andrei Lucan, and I am the Digital Marketing Specialist at Wolf Digital Media. I am pleased to share with you my story and my professional journey within the company.

My experience

Currently, I have nearly four years of experience working in digital marketing at Wolf Digital Media. Before joining this team, I spent several years in social media and copywriting for various companies. These experiences provided me with a solid foundation and allowed me to develop essential skills for my current career.

Why I chose Wolf Digital Media

I applied to Wolf Digital Media because I was attracted to the company’s mission and the opportunity to work on diverse and innovative projects. Additionally, I appreciated the emphasis on continuous employee development, which is crucial for me. The dynamic and collaborative environment convinced me that this is the place where I can grow and learn constantly.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process was well-structured and professional. I had the chance to discuss my skills and experience in detail during the interview, which was a positive experience. What impressed me the most was the friendly and collaborative atmosphere of the team, something I felt right from the start.

New skills and technologies

Since joining the Wolf Digital Media team, I have had the opportunity to learn and use various social media platforms and analytical tools more efficiently, such as Google Analytics and various SEO and SEM analysis tools. I have also honed my web design skills using Figma and Adobe XD, as well as Photoshop and other web editors. These new skills have significantly impacted my work, allowing me to add value to the projects I work on.

My current projects

Currently, I am working on internal social media projects and web and mobile design projects for clients from various industries. My role involves developing marketing strategies, creating engaging content for social media, and designing websites and mobile applications. Each project is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn and develop further.

Personal development

I dedicate time to personal development by participating in online courses and workshops, reading articles and specialized books. Recently, I completed an in-depth course in UX/UI design, which offered me new perspectives and advanced skills in this field.

My long-term goals

In the long term, I aim to advance in the field of digital marketing at Wolf Digital Media. Additionally, I would like to specialize in data-driven marketing strategies and advanced analytics to contribute to the growth and development of the company and our clients.

The direction of my career

I want to become as skilled as possible in digital marketing, with a focus on strategy and innovation. To achieve this, I plan to continue developing my skills through continuous learning and taking on new responsibilities.

Plans and goals for this year

This year, I aim to successfully implement several digital marketing campaigns that will bring significant results for clients. Additionally, I want to work more extensively with Google Analytics and continue developing my web design skills.