MEET THE TEAM: Dilara Cristescu – Sales Person

Dilara Cristescu is the sales representative at Wolf Digital Media, bringing with her a passion for technology and a desire to improve businesses through innovative digital solutions. With prior experience in CAD software sales, Dilara recently discovered the satisfaction of providing customized solutions to companies in the HoReCa sector.

Motivation for Wolf Digital Media:

Dilara was drawn to Wolf Digital Media due to its focus on UX/UI Design and the development of applications that solve real problems. The company’s website reflected this, offering a flawless user experience.


Dilara has learned how to adapt to the specifics of the HoReCa sector, providing advanced technological solutions to improve restaurant operations. The main project she promotes is Smart Meniu, a high-performance digital menu application that surpasses the limitations of traditional physical menus.

Personal Development and Goals:

Dilara aims to expand her knowledge of successful business practices in the tech field. Her goal at Wolf Digital Media is to attract new clients who wish to transform their businesses through technology, contributing to the growth of the sales department and creating new expansion opportunities.

Career Direction:

Dilara envisions her career focused on establishing key partnerships to create new opportunities in software sales. This year, she will focus on promoting the Smart Meniu solution and integrating into the Wolf Digital Media team.

Get to Know Dilara Better:

1. What previous experience do you have in sales?

    I started with an internship in CAD software sales and continued to attract clients from the academic environment, such as universities and engineering and research institutes.

    2. Why did you apply to Wolf Digital Media?

    I was attracted by the applications developed by Wolf Digital Media and the emphasis on UX/UI Design, which is evident on the company’s website.

    3. How was the recruitment process and interview?

    The recruitment process was short and practical, and the direct approach to client attraction strategies impressed me.

    4. What new skills have you acquired in this role?

    I have learned how to approach the HoReCa industry to offer advanced technological solutions, with a focus on the menu management solution, Smart Meniu.

    5. What projects are you currently working on and what is your role?

    I am prospecting the HoReCa environment to offer restaurants the Smart Meniu solution, helping them understand the benefits of a digital menu solution.

    6. How do you dedicate time to personal development?

    I follow courses from Harvard Innovation Lab: Harvard i-lab Start-up Secrets and MIT OpenCourseWare: Marketing and Sales, to improve my knowledge in business and sales.

    7. What are your long-term goals at WDM?

    My goal is to attract potential clients interested in the technological solutions offered by WDM and to contribute to the development of the company’s sales department.

    8. What direction are you steering your career?

    I am focusing on establishing key partnerships to create new opportunities in software sales.

    9. What are your plans for this year, both in work and personal development?

    In my new role at WDM, I am dedicating my efforts to promoting our digital menu solution and integrating into the team. Personally, I am adapting to urban life in the capital with my dog, after spending time in Cluj and on an off-grid journey in the Western Carpathians.