MEET THE TEAM: Ionut Vasile – Engineering Manager

Ionut Vasile is the Engineering Manager within Wolf Digital Media, where he leads an entire team of developers. Currently, Ionut plays a crucial role in developing and implementing technical solutions for all the company’s ongoing projects. A notable example is his involvement in developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android, where he is responsible for the user interface, business logic, and backend integration.

Development in the Technical Field

Ionut began his professional career as a Data Analyst, gaining solid experience in data analysis before turning his attention to technological development and engineering management. His attraction to the dynamic startup environment led him to join the Wolf Digital Media team, where he found the perfect opportunity to have a direct and visible impact on the company’s projects.

Passion for Learning and Development

In addition to his dedication to technical projects, Ionut devotes time to personal development. Attending courses and training in leadership and project management has provided him with new perspectives and skills, contributing to his efficiency in coordinating teams and projects.


With long-term goals that include specialization in product management, Ionut aims to become an expert in understanding user needs and transforming them into successful digital products. His professional development plans include specialized courses and training, as well as taking on new responsibilities in the projects he contributes to.

More about Ionut:

1. What previous experience do you have in this field or other relevant fields?

    Before starting my career in this field, I worked as a Data Analyst.

    2. What motivated you to apply for your current position at Wolf Digital Media, and what specifically attracted you to the company?

    If you are the type of person who likes to have a direct and visible impact, startups are the ideal place. You get the chance to take on diverse responsibilities, constantly learn new things, and be part of a company’s growth from scratch. It’s a challenging environment, but extremely satisfying when you see your ideas take shape and contribute to the team’s success.

    3. How was your recruitment and hiring process? What impressed you about the team or the company?

    The recruitment process was fast and efficient, without unnecessary steps or bureaucracy. I received all the information I needed to make a decision and appreciated that they were transparent about the challenges and opportunities the company offers.

    4. What new technologies or skills have you learned since joining our team, and how have they influenced your work?

    My experience with the team has been one of continuous learning, both technically and in leadership. I have been exposed to a variety of new technologies and methodologies, which I have successfully integrated into my work. This has allowed me to improve my skills and become a better professional.

    5. What projects are you currently working on, and what is your role in them? Can you provide more details about your projects and your involvement in them?

    I am directly involved in all the company’s current projects, playing an active role in developing and implementing technical solutions. Currently, I am working on a native mobile application for iOS and Android, where I am responsible for developing the user interface, business logic, and backend integration.

    6. How do you dedicate time to personal development? What courses or training have you attended, and what have you learned from them?

    I believe that personal development is essential to remain relevant and competitive in the tech industry. That’s why I regularly dedicate time to learning and experimenting. Recently, I attended a course on leadership and project management, which provided me with a new perspective on how to coordinate teams and projects more effectively.

    7. What are your long-term career goals at Wolf Digital Media or in the digital field?

    In the long term, I intend to continue my professional development both technically and in leadership skills.

    8. In what direction do you want to steer your professional career, and what steps will you take to get there?

    I want to specialize in product management, becoming an expert in understanding user needs and transforming them into successful digital products. To achieve this, I plan to take specialized courses and training in product management and take on increasing responsibilities in this direction in the projects I contribute to.