MEET THE TEAM: Mihai Tamas – Junior Mobile Developer

Mihai Cristian Tamas is a Junior Mobile Developer at our company, bringing with him an enthusiasm for programming and a strong desire to continuously learn and grow. Despite having no prior experience in the IT field, Mihai is attracted by the opportunity to be part of a growing company and to build a successful career in mobile application development.

Motivation for Wolf Digital Media:

Mihai was drawn to Wolf Digital Media due to the company’s growth potential and dynamic work environment. The professionalism of the team deeply impressed him during the recruitment process.


Since joining the team, Mihai has learned the programming languages Flutter and Dart, essential for developing high-performance mobile applications. Currently, he is working on a new project where he focuses on user interface (UI) aspects.

Personal development and goals:

Mihai is dedicated to personal and professional development. He follows online courses, such as the Udemy Bootcamp for Python, to expand his knowledge and improve his skills. His long-term goal is to learn everything there is to know in this field and to build an impressive portfolio of projects at Wolf Digital Media.

Career direction:

Mihai aims for a prosperous career in mobile application development, focusing on creating innovative and efficient apps. He is determined to grow personally and professionally alongside the Wolf Digital Media team.

Get to know Mihai better:

1. What prior experience do you have in this field or other relevant fields?

    I have no prior experience in IT, and this is my first position in this field.

    2. What motivated you to apply for the current position at WDM, and what specifically attracted you to the company?

    I was attracted by the growth potential of a small company like Wolf Digital Media.

    3. How was your recruitment process and hiring interview? What impressed you about the team or the company?

    The process was quick and efficient, and the professionalism of the team particularly impressed me.

    4. What new technologies or skills have you learned since joining our team, and how have they influenced your work?

    Since joining the team, I have learned Flutter/Dart, and this knowledge has contributed to my work on the Octano project, focusing on the UI part.

    5. What projects are you currently working on, and what is your role in them?

    I am currently working on a mobile application for a client, focusing on the UI part.

    6. How do you dedicate time to personal development? What courses or training have you followed, and what have you learned from them?

    I dedicate time to personal development by following courses like the UDEMY Bootcamp for Python.

    7. What are your long-term goals regarding your career at WDM or in the digital field?

    My goals are to learn as many technologies as possible and to build my project portfolio at Wolf Digital Media.

    8. In what direction do you want to steer your professional career, and what steps would you take to get there?

    I want to develop personally and contribute to the growth of the Wolf Digital Media team.

    9. What are your plans and objectives for this year regarding your work and personal development?

    My plans include applying the knowledge I have accumulated and continuing to learn new technologies to develop as much as possible.