Wonder Baby, The Pediatrics APP

We are excited to share with you one of our newest mobile apps developed within Wolf Digital Media – Wonder Baby, The Pediatrics APP – that we launched for iOS and Android.

The application offers parents the opportunity to access a digital journal, which records all the essential information about their child, from the first day of life.

The design, created following a process of documentation and collaboration with experts in the field, offers the user a friendly and easy to use experience.

The development is based on technologies such as Flutter and Firebase for the implementation and testing of functionalities, while respecting high standards of quality and security in terms of developing a mobile application.

Wonder Baby focuses on specific information on the child’s growth and development, considering the following:

  • Alimentation;
  • Sleep;
  • Growth tracking system, correlated with growth charts;
  • Health log (where data on medication, temperature or vaccination schedule can be recorded);
  • Medical history, including medical tests and recommendations.

In addition, the application has a special section with personalized advice on child upbringing and development, structured in the form of informative articles with expert validated advice.

For what is about to come, we are currently working on new sections, features and improvements that we will be implementing soon. Among them is the chat and video call system, which will allow users to ask for help from doctors in the field, who will be available to them and will answer their questions through the application.

We invite you to explore Wonder Baby, The Pediatrics APP and tell us what do you think.